Stomach Tattoo

Stomach tattoos are becoming more popular with women.
Generally men like to show off their tattoos and women tend to be more discreet.

Step 1: Find A Skilled Artist

The stomach can be a very painful area to have tattooed and it's not uncommon for the customer to feel nauseous during the process. It can also prove quite difficult for the tattooist especially dependant on the customers body fat.

Step 2: Body Weight

When we gain or lose weight the stomach is usually most noticeably effected. This would in turn affect the appearance of a tattoo. Therefore if you are planning on losing weight, it's advisable to wait until after you've lost wait before getting a stomach tattoo.

Step3: Pregnancy

When getting a stomach tattoo what a lot of young women don't realize is if they become pregnant one day their tattoo will never look the same again.