Creating a Tattoo

The best way to make sure that you get a tattoo that is very unique and personal to you is to design the tattoo yourself. Whether you are a natural artist or not artistic in the slightest there are resources available that can help you out immensely.
Step 1: Design and Location

There's a vast amount of tattoo image galleries available to search through until you find the style you like. Then decide on the size and location of the tattoo and how it would look on a part of your body.
Will it be specific to that body part or lead onto another, is it possible that in future you'd like to add to it?

Step 2: Customise

To customise your design and make it totally unique and there are several resources available that allow you to download software to your computer or design a custom tattoo right from your browser. You are able to upload images, add to an existing image in the gallery or combine them together for a custom look. Then edit your custom design with your favorite colors.

Step3: Print your Tattoo

When you've finished creating your own tattoo you will be able to print it out.
Some software gives you the option of printing it as a temporary tattoo and have it mailed to you. This would enable you to wear your design of tattoo temporarily to see how you feel about it, if it suits you and what others think of it. This would then reassure you whether you'd like it permanently or not.
You may also choose to print out the design so you can give it to your tattoo artist, who will in turn create a template of it for tracing onto your skin.