Tattoo Considerations

So you're thinking of getting a tattoo?
Let me share some advice on what you need to think about and what steps you should take to get the perfect tattoo.
Step 1: Are you 100% sure you want a Tattoo

Remember a Tattoo is a lifetime commitment, you may really want one now but be sure to think about whether you'd still like it in years to come?

Step 2: How Visible do you want your Tattoo

Would you like your Tattoo to be on display all of the time or would you pefer a more discreet Tattoo.
Consider the type of clothes you wear normally or may wear in future for a special occasion.
Certain proffessions have regulations regarding Tattoos, if necessary check with your employers or potential employers first.

Step 3: Size of the Tattoo

What size Tattoo would you like, remember a small Tattoo is just as much of a commitment as a large Tattoo.
The size will also determine the time and expense of the Tattoo and can depend on the location on the body.

Step 4: Location of the Tattoo

The location of the Tattoo may effect how painful it can be.
Generally the closer the Tattoo is to bone and less fleshy areas such as elbows, knees, ankles etc the more painful it may feel. Obviously the more sensitive areas can be extremely painful.
Large Tattoo designs are normally located on the Back, Chest, Stomach,Shoulders or Thigh.

Step 5: Colour or Black

Black Tattoos are usually more defined and noticable, excellent for portrait tattoos whereas colour Tattoos are richer and add character to designs. Colour Tattoos will usually cost more.

Target Tattoo

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