Tattoo Safety

Be sure to follow a few Safety Tips when deciding to get a Tattoo so as to avoid any potential health risks and unacceptable Standards of Tattoos
Step 1: Research the Tattoo Parlor and Artist

Research the Parlor and artist's reputation locally or online. At the Parlor look out for proof of qualification or licence and ask for a portfolio of artists work. You may find that the artist specialises in a specific type of Tattoo design you may like.

Step 2: Cleanliness and Hygeine

The Parlor should be immaculately clean, sanitised and well organised.

Step 3: Sterilisation

A steam pressure autoclave is essential for proper sterilisation of equipment - an autoclave is the only reliable means of sterilization recognized by the Center for Disease Control. Alcohol and bleach do not sterilize instruments, they only clean them before autoclaving.

For each customer a brand new set of fresh needles should be used and opened in front of them.
The Artist's work surface where they place equipment should also be
clean and sanitized and a cover is used over the tattoo machine to prevent cross contamination of any sort.

Step 4: Artists Preparation

The artist should use an antibacterial skin cleanser and scrub their hands and forearms upto the elbows for several minutes. Then dry off using disposable towels. They should then wear disposable rubber gloves during tattooing procedure.

Step 5: Customer's Skin Preparation

The area of skin that the customer wishes to have Tattooed is usually prepared by wiping it down with alcohol wipes or other antibacterial cleanser.