Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos can be very discreet with the option of showing them off easily or covering them up if necessary however there are a few things to remember when thinking of having a foot tattoo.

Step 1: Pain

Foot tattoos are generally a little more painful than those of other body parts although due to the size of the tattoo being smaller the length of time it takes to complete the tattoo is reduced therefore for someone who may be feeling pain and discomfort, it will only be felt for a short period.

Step 2: Infection

Foot tattoos may be more prone to infection so extra care and attention must be paid to them during the healing phase, usually lasting 2-3 weeks after having the tattoo. Wearing socks or tights may rub against the tattoo not only potentially causing infection but also causing the tattoo to fade so whenever possible covering the tattoo during this time should be avoided.

Step3: Re-visit

The need to re-visit your tattooist for a touch up is more likely since a tattoo on the foot is subject to prolonged periods of friction, heat moisture and other harsh environments compared to other body parts.

Step 4: Acceptance

As foot tattoos are generally smaller and more discreet they are usually well received. Some people find them to be very appealing and even sexy. Even people who generally dislike tattoos are more willing to accept a tattoo on the foot.