Tattoo Pain

So, is it painful to get a Tattoo?
The pain felt can depend on the location on the body and the persons state of mind and pain threshold. In all, it's not that painful.
Here are some tips to help minimise any pain that may be felt.

Step 1: State of Mind

Arrive at the studio in a positive state of mind. Upon deciding that you want a Tattoo after giving it plenty of thought and having chosen the design you'd like you should be feeling ready and quite excited about the whole thing. A little discomfort is not going to put you off.

Step 2: Physical State

Do not have a tattoo after drinking alcohol, most tattoo artists with not tattoo you anyway if you appear drunk as you would not only bleed excessively but it may also hinder your decission making and tattoo choice.
Also having a Tattoo whilst hungover will increase the pain you feel as your nerves will be a lot more sensitive.
Having a Tattoo whilst feeling unwell with a cold for example will also likely increase the feeling of pain.

Step 3: Numbing Gel

Various products are available however it's advisable to wait until you've asked the Tattooist advice before using these as they may contain something that could cause a reaction or effect their performance.

Step 4: Distraction

Rather than sitting in the chair counting down the minutes until it's done and thinking about how it feels. Take a friend to chat to or listen to some music through some headphones, read a book maybe even watch a movie on a mimi DVD player, Chat to the Tattooist about his work but try not to distract them too much, afterall they are working....on you.

Step 5: Just Relax

Sit back and look forward to about great your new tattoo will look afterwards and how proud you'll be showing it off.