Prevent Fading

Here are some tips to help ensure your Tattoo stays as defined and colourful as possible over the years as your skin naturally ages.

Step 1: Research the Tattoo Artist

Research the artist's reputation locally or online. Find out how experienced the Artist is and the quality of their work. The pigments of the Tattoo should penetrate into the middle layer of skin otherwise the Tattoo will fade if the pigments are too close to the skins surface and the skin naturally sheds.

Step 2: Tattoo Colours

During the stage in which you are deciding on the type and design of your Tattoo take into account the amount of exposure that the Tattoo will receive. The colours most resistant to fading are darker colours such as blacks and blues other lighter colours are more prone to fading.

Step 3: Aftercare

During the first few weeks after having a Tattoo it is very important to follow the aftercare advice as in not doing so could dramatically change its appearance.
Do not scratch the Tattoo or pick the scabs as you may remove some of the pigmentation (colour and detail) which would then lead to gaps in colour and fading. Prevent Infection from occurring by keeping the new Tattoo clean using anti-bacterial wipes and use recommended ointments and moisturizers.

Step 4: Sunlight

It's always important to protect your Tattoo from the sun's ultraviolet rays but even more so if the area of skin is tattooed as the sun's rays will break down the pigments of the Tattoo causing it to fade.
Always apply a high quality sunscreen liberally over your Tattoo whenever exposing it to sunlight, even whilst cloudy during the summer months or on holiday.

Step 5: Keep Healthy

We all grow old and as we do it's inevitable that the appearance of Tattoos will age with us. However eating healthy and maintaining our consumption of good quality vitamins and minerals will not only help in keeping us looking young but will also keep’s the skin supple and less wrinkled adding to a more attractive Tattoo for longer.