Prevent Scabbing
Scabbing is quite normal so don't worry. There are a few things to remember though in the early stages whilst you Tattoo may form scabs.

Step 1: Don’t Pick

You may see peeling and some scabbing develop a few days after having a Tattoo. Don't worry as this is quite normal If it's excessive however, that could indicate a poorly created tattoo. Scabs will eventually dry and fall off by themselves. Picking or scratching at them will only degrade the quality of your Tattoo. A moist warm compress such as a flannel can be applied to the Tattoo for around 5 mins a few times per day to help soften the scabs.

Step 2: Scratching

Whilst some scabs may form the area may become itchy. Do not scratch at the area as you might remove some scabs instead if you have to slap the area or apply a compress.

Step 3: Personal Hygiene

It’s advisable to take a shower whilst the Tattoo is scabbing. Baths would cause the Tattoo to soak in water and this is not advisable as it would remove the scabs too early. Going swimming or sitting in a hot tub would also have the same effect.

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