As a UK Firefighter it is essential to maintain a high level of fitness throughout your career. Strength, Cardiovascular fitness and endurance are all needed to demonstrate competence in the varying role of an operational Firefighter and to help avoid injury.

From beating back an out of control grass fire in the heat of summer to completing an arduous hot wear in breathing apparatus, every Firefighter knows how physically demanding the role can be.

Running out hose, climbing ladders, carrying equipment, manoeuvring causalities, using heavy cutting equipment and dragging hose reels all take physical effort and these are just some of the things we do in our role as operational Firefighters. More often than not these tasks are carried out in hot conditions with the added pressure of it being time critical and not to mention being covered head to foot in body temperature rising PPE!

With times changing and more and more Firefighters retiring later on in life it is vital we stay fit well into our 50s and even into our early 60s. Remaining physically and mentally fit with a healthy lifestyle is key to a long and injury free career.

Training effectively (Whatever your goal), avoiding injury and staying motivated is the basis for the information within these pages.
Those applying to become Firefighters will find useful information on Brigade entrance tests. Serving Firefighters can access advice on the Chester Step test, VO2 max and the Bleep test as well as a variety of different training and fitness maintenance tips. 

‘Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being,
while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.’
-Plato .
Firefighter Fitness
Don't Forget - warming up and cooling down are two ways of staying one step ahead of injury. You can find some good examples of both dynamic and maintenance stretches on our 'Warm up/Cool down page.

WARNING: Please seek advice from your Doctor before undergoing any exercise recommended on this site.
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