TRX Suspension training has become the No.1 choice of many brigades up and down the UK as the means of keeping their Firefighters fit.

With the ability to perform many different all over body exercises TRX is the ideal tool to build strength, balance and core stability. You can adjust resistance simply by shifting your body position allowing for it to be used by Firefighters of all fitness levels.

Like with every new bit of kit, Firefighters can sometimes be reluctant to have a go in fear of 'getting it wrong'. See below for some visual examples of exercises you can perform using the TRX system. 

Take a look so that next time you are in the gym you can show the Watch how it's done!

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Don't Forget - warming up and cooling down are two ways of staying one step ahead of injury. You can find some good examples of both dynamic and maintenance stretches on our 'Warm up/Cool down page.

WARNING: Please seek advice from your Doctor before undergoing any exercise recommended on this site.
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