Bodyweight training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build muscle. For UK Firefighters who don't have access to a well equiped gym,  bodyweight training may well be the answer to maintaining/improving fitness.

Listed below are some examples of great bodyweight exercises...

Remember to warm up fully before undergoing any exercises

Push Ups

Lie facedown on a mat with your hands shoulder-width apart and about 6 to 8 inches from your body. Keeping your back straight and your hands directly under your shoulders exhale and lift your body off the floor. Keep your feet together and do not bend your knees. Maintain soft elbows at the top of the movement. Now inhale and lower your body till your chest is slightly touching the floor. Then repeat the exercise.

Pull Ups

The pull up exercise does require some basic equipment, or some creativity (go to a playground or find a low hanging tree branch, for example), but it's a great, simple way to build upper body strength.
Try both underhand grip and overhand grip.
Try and reduce the amount of swing your body produces.

One-Leg Balance / Squat / Reach

Stand on one leg and hold it as long as you can. If this is too easy, add a slight squat motion. Still too easy? Place an object on the floor, several feet in front of you (a book, perhaps), and slowly squat down, and reach out with one arm and touch the object and slowly return to an upright position. Stay on one leg at all times. Repeat on the other leg after a minute or so.

Tuck Jump

The tuck jump exercise ranks near the top of the list for developing explosive power using only an athlete's body weight.


A great exercise for upper body development. Keep movement slow and controlled.

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Bodyweight Training

WARNING: Please seek advice from your Doctor before undergoing any exercise recommended on this site.
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