As part of the new National Firefighter selection process you will be required to complete a number of written tests that are designed to assess your suitability for becoming a Firefighter.
There are three timed tests which consist of:-
Working with numbers
The applicant must be able to understand and work with numerical information and perform combinations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as estimations of numerical data.

Understanding information
The applicant must be able to read and understand written information. The test involves reading and understanding a variety of written information including fire safety details, memos, newsletters and extracts from a training course manual.
Additional assistance or time may be provided for those applicants with dyslexia.

Situational Awareness and Problem Solving
The applicant must be able to ensure the safety of themselves and others at all times and use information available to solve problems. The test involves reading descriptions of situations or scenarios that they are likely to face when working as a firefighter and explaining how they would deal with them.

No specific knowledge or training as a firefighter is required to be able to answer any of these questions but the applicant will need to consider the safety of themselves and others whilst using the information provided to decide how best to respond. General common sense would be of great value for this section.

National Firefighter Questionnaire

The National Firefighter Questionnaire is used to assess an applicant's attitude and motivation relating to the Fire Service Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQAs):

1.Working with Others - works effectively with others both within the Fire Service and the community.
2.Commitment to Diversity and Integrity - understand and respects diversity and adopts a fair and ethical approach to others.
3.Confidence and Resilience - maintains a confident and resilient attitude in highly challenging situations.
4.Commitment to Excellence - adopts a conscientious and proactive approach to work to achieve and maintain excellent standards.
5.Commitment to Development - committed to and able to develop self and others.
6.Situational Awareness - maintains an active awareness of the environment to promote safe and effective working.
7.Openness to Change - is open to change and actively seeks to support it within the Fire Service and in the community.
All of these questions can be answered using a variety of examples based on situations you have been faced with both during previous employment or at school, at home, leisure activities etc.
Test guidance notes and practice booklets will be provided to individuals separately when an application is made.
You will also be required to pass a level 2 numeracy and literature test. These can also be done online prior to applying.
Use the click below to access further information and practice papers;-

Level 2 Numeracy and Literature Practice Papers >>

Firefighter Written Tests


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