Has it been your lifelong dream to become a Firefighter
or are you considering it as a change of profession?
For whatever reason, let’s begin by thinking of what a
Firefighter is and why someone would want to become one.
A Firefighter is someone that has one of the most admirable qualities that any anyone could possess. That much so that if necessary they are even prepared to risk their own lives.
They “Care” about people, which is why they choose a profession that is all about helping others.
This may involve educating people of all ages how to stay safe, preventing further damage to people’s property or risking their own lives to save the lives of others.
The many ways in which Firefighters help people and the types of incidents that they may be required to attend are endless. Some of which will be covered later in "What's involved in being a Firefighter?"
There is a close bond formed with work colleagues and can feel as though you are part of a family. Some of the experiences shared will be new and challenging, some will be quite distressing but each one will only cause that bond to grow stronger.
Firefighting demands courage and professionalism, each individual is required to study and train hard for every possible situation, throughout their career. As things are always changing there's always a need to learn.
When asked "What do you do for a living" there is a sense of Pride when replying "I am a Firefighter" and why?
Among thousands of applicants, after numerous exams, physical tests, medicals and Background checks as well as extensive and on-going training just to become a Firefighter, All for the purpose of dedicating their career to helping others and save lives. That feeling of pride is well deserved.
Being a Firefighter is one of the most personally rewarding careers anyone could have and one in which most Firefighters actually look forward to going to work. Not something most people in other professions could say.
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