Firefighter Eyesight Requirements

An additional part of the Firefighter Medical Tests will include the Firefighter eyesight test. The firefighter eyesight requirements are :-

Distance vision (Uncorrected) in the stronger eye no worse than 6/18 , and in the weaker eye no worse than 6/24.
Distance acuity (The ability to focus on and distinguish fine detail at 6 m or more with either eye separately and together under a variety of lighting conditions) is required to be at least 6/9 with both eyes open and reach 6/12 in the weaker eye.
Near vision - required to be able to read N12 at 30 cm with both eyes open without vision aids.
Have normal binocular vision.
Required level of colour perception must be attained. Candidates with normal or slight colour blindness are accepted subject to passing the test. The screening test is generally the Ishihara test with candidates showing any problematic signs requiring additional tests.
The above will be examined during your Firefighter eyesight tests.
Can I join the Fire Service if I have had Eye Surgery?
Applicants who have had refractive eye surgery are now accepted to join the fire service. The Occupational Health Department will require additional information and test results. Additional information usually includes the date you underwent your surgery ( this must be at least 12 months prior to your application date), details of your pre operative refraction error, confirmation that you are no longer requiring medical treatment. Also :-

• A slit lamp examination report to confirm that the eye has returned to normal and that there is no significant loss of corneal transparency over the pupil area.
• A report post Refraction, topographic examination and pachymetry to screen for keratectasia.
• Applicants should also have their vision assessed using a technique sensitive to the presence of scattered light and aberrations.
These assessments can be done by your local optometrist. If you have any questions with regard to the eyesight standards to become a Firefighter contact the relevant Occupational Health Department who will be able to advise you.

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